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Ear Ops

Above photo is the Stormo brothers after the ear ops, taken from the second time, when “I watched you sleep as you watched me die.” I think “ear ops” plural might’ve been a better title for the song “Ear Op” but I didn’t think of it.

Take a listen here:

At over ten minutes, “Ear Op” is our longest song yet but that was an accident. I meant to write a three minute pop song until the prog muse took over. As program music, “Ear Op” mimics the three stages of a real ear operation. It starts with the conscious section in a happy major key before general anesthesia kicks in, followed by the much longer unconscious section in minor, and a spiraling instrumental leading back to the conscious ending section. There is also a key change up three steps to evoke an awakening, a successful surgery, and a more expansive ear.

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