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Tiger Third

Sagat from Street Fighter II is known for his tiger fireballs and tiger uppercuts. The “tiger” in question is a Minor Third interval from the E-flat down to the C.

For the past week, I've had the Clapper Song stuck in my head—"Clap On, Clap Off"—which is a similar minor third interval from the 5th to the 3rd, but my brain kept resolving to an "uppercut" instead of "the clapper" ending. That's when I realized it was Sagat's sweet swaggering voice that had been singing to me in A-flat major.

Like this: Tiger_Uppercut.wav

* * *

Does anyone remember that Street Fighter comic book from the 90s? In the second issue, Sagat sent Ken’s decapitated head in a box to Ryu. He tiger-uppercutted Ken’s head off or something. In the first panel: Ryu sees the blonde hair and then dramatically pulls his friend’s head out for a final full-page reveal. I thought it was a little extreme, like they were trying to Mortal Kombatize Street Fighter. This was before Se7en, and I think it actually inspired that climactic What’s-in-the-box? scene.

Yea, Sagat is a pretty cool boss. As a boy, I tiger-loved him and I still tiger-do. I know it’s actually pronounced “sa-GOT,” but he’ll always be a bundle of sticks to me.

Compare Sagat’s tiger third with the same interval and key used in the Sega bumper. It’s also reminiscent of the old playground melodies.

Bob Sagat…

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  1. Jim says:

    You guys are super cool. I feel bad for not keeping up with this blog. The Mystery Monday Melody from a year ago is the P.C. Richards theme!

    Here’s a Sagat-relevant song I made that you might enjoy: Had no idea he killed Ken!