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Los Doggies was formed in the early aughts by the Stormo brothers while writing songs for their answering machine. 36 songs from this early home recording period have been compiled on Los & Dos. In 2007, they released their debut studio album Onebody featuring many of these older songs given a full-band treatment. Using backing tracks, the brothers performed live as a duo around New York.

In 2008, Matt Ross joined on bass and the band relocated to upstate NY, where they recorded their second album e’rebody, released in 2014 by a successful Kickstarter. For the second album, a host of musicians were brought on board to provide the record’s chamber pop orchestration. Returning to a home recording sound, the Delano Park EP from 2015 pays tribute to the Kickstarter donors.

The band currently makes music as a trio in New Paltz, NY. Always changing directions and exploring new sounds, Los Doggies are embracing their grunge and post-rock roots for a new album coming in 2017.

Jesse Stormo -- Guitar, Vocals
Evan Stormo -- Drums, Vocals
Matt Ross -- Bass

Their most recent single, “Across the Kill,” pays tribute to a local celebrity.