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Stranger Tones

Occasionally, this blog is relevant—really relevant. Like shilling for a new Netflix Original series relevant. Stranger Things is a comfy creature feature throwback to the glorious ’80s with a strong Speilbergian vibe. The music also has a nice Carpenteresque feel to it. John Carpenter often composed the music for his movies, with several iconic electronic […]

Mystery Melody Monday

Hi fam; can you guess this melody?

Hot Pocket

“Hot Pocket” is a jingle in the key of F Major and features this tasty little hook. Major third, second, tonic—just like hot cross buns. It’s always impressive how much ground a 30-second jingle can cover. “Hot Pocket” runs through 3 choruses, changes key up a whole tone to G Major, and is super catchy […]

Ricola Melody

The classic Swiss jingle “Ricola” is typically sung from the top of the Alps accompanied by an alpenhorn. In the key of A Major, the first interval is an A Major Third, like the doorbell, then moves up to a B Minor Third. I have transcribed it here in 6/8 time for educational purposes. Ahem! […]

Baby’s Got Bars and Tones

The television test screen, known as “bars and tones”, is used to calibrate color and sound on a TV screen or computer monitor. The accompanying tone—the soundtrack to this minimalist music video—is a high sharp B that stations use to tune TV’s. But at 1000 Hz, the bars-and-tones tone is a quarter-tone sharper than the […]

Manly Cadences

Real men know how to end a song. They don’t play chicken at the chorus, so why wimp out in the final bars? Real men kill their songs with their bare hands, like babies crying in their cribs far past bed time. Songs are the sons of men—prodigal, oedipal—and they’ll kill their composer daddies unless […]

The Bleep

The motherfucking bleep tone is a high sharp B, and it sucks. Not even a real tone that you can tune to or anything, at 1000 Hz, it’s a quarter tone sharper than a B6, and as a single sine wave, sounds far more offensive than any profanity it masks. So fuck the bleep. Fuck […]