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UK Ringback Tone

Stately, the UK ringback tone plays a whole tone chord. So soft and yet so dissonant. The North American ringback tone also features the chord with a G and A, but the rhythm is different; it holds for a half note and then rests. In the UK version above, the double tap is reminiscent of […]


My phone’s message tone is the best. It plays a nice E suspended fourth arpeggio that resolves to a high major third. Click below to listen. It sure beats some bullshit marimba or whatever you have on your phone. The tone of my phone is so pleasant, I don’t even mind when people text me […]

Windows Melodies

Windows 8 was a crappy mess of an OS, but the sound scheme was GOAT. Pardon my internet slang, but this was the only scheme I hesitated to turn off. We’ve covered other Win8 sounds here on this blog, but the ones that stand out over time are the sounds for the “hardware insert” and […]

uh Phone

there is a phone call that makes a kind of native guatemalan greeting everytim it calls you. you may have heard this thing. i can’t remember what phone it’s for. i’m not good with the brandnames. it seems the phone companies and other multinationals are following the old-time inspiration of classic TV and radio, by […]


Ringtones are one of the most common forms of modern day noise pollution, heard billions of times a day arpeggiating out of ubiquitous buttocks, or even more insidious when unheard—hallucinated in schizophonia—or summoned to mind as earworms, or called forlornly in the mind’s ear while in the throes of nomophobia (the fear of ‘no mobile […]


Is there anything sweeter than the atonal sound of your own name? Perhaps, maybe the lost melody of home? For those who’ve lived and lost, the memories and melodies of home stay with us, like an alpha earworm. If our names are sung (unless you speak a tonal language like Mandarin), the melody will sound […]


Phones are in F. They ring F’s, they drone dial tones in F Major Thirds, and the buttons beep in F Minor. Many other related phone melodies are also in F Major, such as the classic “Disconnected”. This little melody is a Bb Major Seventh, the fourth degree of an F Major scale. Click on […]