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Archive of posts tagged Semitone

Es Wide Sharp

A memorable scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1999 film Eyes Wide Shut finds Tom Cruise at the Rothschild mansion where he witnesses an elite sex-magick ritual set to a reverse Mass accompanied by live electric keyboard, because the Illuminati just gotta have that live keyboard sound; it makes the sex-magick nice and sexy. You can’t really […]

Barr-Mangled Banner

One little note can cost you the game, the respect of your fans, and the love of your teammates. One little note can kill your career, and break your band up into smithereens. What a huge difference one little note can make! The difference between heaven and hell lies in a mere semitone. A half-step […]

Dwo Durtle Doves

The turtle dove sings around a C♮ and C# in sets of three. Click and drag over each phrase above. Those are trills of 64th notes, or maybe even 128th notes. You can call them “hemdemisemiquavers”. To check his pitch, just click the Rabbit Face on the Color Keyboard up top. That’s a C Natural […]

Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

The high B and C on a pianoforte drive the spirits away. Every house should have a baby steinway, just in case, for bustin’s sake. Oh, but don’t you go anywhere poltergeists! You can rap upon the walls, bewitch the acoustics and electronics. Add some much-needed white noise. Watch Murray hit this little semitone upside […]


Igor Stravinsky relates the following story in his “Conversations with Robert Craft” (Now with computerized sounds!): “On a recent visit to Asolo, to see the composer Malipiero, I was strongly reminded of D’Annunzio. Malipiero has a most extraordinary and not entirely un-D’Annunzian house himself, a fine Venetian building on a hillside. One enters under a […]