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Archive of posts tagged Major Sevenths

Luciferean Chord

What happens to a man who’s exhausted every musical pleasure available to him? When he’s digested every possible piece of Pop and Prog, regurgitated centuries worth of progressions and melodies, what becomes of him? Such is not a man, but a dissonant shell of his former self. So lately, I’ve been into this dark little […]

Favorite Chords

A man’s favorite chord can change throughout his life, but finding one is about as rare as falling in love. Of course, there are thousands of chords out there, and in a way I love them all just the same. In my teens, I was infatuated with Diminished chords, the ugly formation of minor thirds […]

Devils in Love―The Major Seventh Augmented Fourth Chord

Hey there friends. I’m feeling colloquial today, and downright anthropomorphic too. What do you say we leave behind all that non-human music for a while? And take a look at a snippet of some pure absolute holy humane musical holophones―not even sound really, just an idea that sings in your mind’s ear. I’ll use the […]

Major Sevenths

Hello, and welcome to the Los Doggies blog! This is the very first post, so I’m writing about my favorite chord — the Major Seventh. Check it out on this crappy out-of-tune guitar. It’s called the Chord of Love. To understand why, let’s take a look at the 4 beautiful notes that form a Major […]