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Archive of posts tagged Major Pentatonic

Olly Olly Oxen Free!!!!!!!!

     Click the score.                 This melody from Hide ‘n’ Go Seek is a Minor Third interval. There are three musical steps between the notes C (Olly Olly Ox) and the A (-en Free). It is the third smallest interval, behind the semitone and the wholetone.      Nobody knows what the phrase originates from, but the melody […]

Playground Melodies

     English is atonal.      Adults are monotonal.      But the kids are all singsong     &nbsp      This here mocking melody has many variations — neeners, nahs, and ners. It is sung to the tune of Ring around the Rosie. The dominant interval is a Minor Third, between the G (poo) and the E (poo).      The following 2 note […]

Close Encounters of the Major Third Kind

Edit 1-7-14: Video of this Blog “Up a Whole Tone, down a Major Third, down an Octave, up a Perfect Fifth.” In “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, grey aliens play these 5 Tones on their mothership’s synthesizer. Hollywood composer John Williams wrote the lick, and fashioned it after the 5 letter word “Hello”. Two […]