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Electronic Heart Sounds

The EKG’s got the high B! Click on the score to loop/stop. When you’re hooked up to an electrocardiogram, your heart beats evenly at 60 bpm. It doesn’t shuffle like the biological lub-dub of your heart sound; this is electronic music which doesn’t ever shuffle. As long as you keep the beat, you’re alive. However, […]

Los Crazies

Many a composers have walked these halls of hallucinations, guided by voices, consumed by musical madness, opened the doors of delusion, where everything disappears to man as it ain’t (still infinite), and beheard the sick psychedelic song at the center of the universe looping back in their mind’s ear, screaming like tinnitus and beating like […]

You Say Somatosounds: The Tintinnabulations of Tinnitus

Not all sounds are ear sounds. Some sounds are beyond ears, like head sounds. These sounds are known as tinnitus, and probably everybody experiences them at one time (as do our animal friends). You may temporarily hear a “ringing in your ears” after being exposed to triple forte rock music. These are just the “phantom […]

iFart computer sounds :) (o)- – -

What are the most popular sounds around us? Are they musical or noisy? Artful or aleatoric? Do you hear more birdsong than pop song? Is the human speech around you monotonal, monotonous, or musical? Do you wear headphones all day, or does your own cortex hallucinate music for you? Friends, there are no more insidious […]

The Heart Shuffle ♥

The Human Heart is our natural metronome. It kicks like a bass drum anywhere from 60-80 beats per minute. In Italian, this tempo is called larghetto. It is no coincidence that the moderate rock tempo (120 bpm) — the cut-time of our heartbeat — is the standard tempo for Pop Music. The pitch of our […]

Musical Dimorphism

Men and women are an octave apart. So too are boys and men. Using the falsetto, or head voice, any man can sing like a woman, or more accurately, sing like a little boy. Try out your falsetto at home now. Sing like the boy who dreamed he was a man. Use your mind to […]

Clapping on the One

Audiences everywhere are clapping on the One. They’ll clap on every beat, regardless of a downbeat feel. This practice must be stopped. A hand-clap is a snare drum, and snare drums belong on the Two and Four. The need for clapping on the One is born out of fear and distrust of Rests; those unplayed […]