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Windows Melodies

Windows 8 was a crappy mess of an OS, but the sound scheme was GOAT. Pardon my internet slang, but this was the only scheme I hesitated to turn off. We’ve covered other Win8 sounds here on this blog, but the ones that stand out over time are the sounds for the “hardware insert” and […]

Invasion of the Face Snatchers

The new Windows 8.0 sound scheme is an F major 7th—the popular FACE chord. Every alarm, ding, and orchestra hit error sound that once rang true to their namesake, has been replaced with a suite of electronic dance samples. I guess it’s the future, or something. The Critical Stop Sound is now a D Minor […]

iFart computer sounds :) (o)- – -

What are the most popular sounds around us? Are they musical or noisy? Artful or aleatoric? Do you hear more birdsong than pop song? Is the human speech around you monotonal, monotonous, or musical? Do you wear headphones all day, or does your own cortex hallucinate music for you? Friends, there are no more insidious […]