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Archive of posts tagged bad movies

This is the Way Wee Oh Wee Oh

Military cadences have seemingly taken over Popular Music. Everywhere you go, there’s four fours on the floors. The people used to jitterbug, spastically flailing their limbs, just to break free from the boring ole beat of war drums—in a kind of music known as “Jizz” or “Jazz”. But now they welcome the March and dub […]

Wonka Bars

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory has one of the most famous examples of the mystical flute TV trope. From out a secret pocket in his velvet frock, Willy pulls a penny whistle and plays a quick ascending melody to call upon his loyal oompa-loompas. Check out this Wonka Bar. Of course, Willy would be […]

Promethean Melody

The 2012 movie Prometheus features a race of ancient astronauts called “Engineers” who created humanity from a black goo. That’s not a white goo, mind you, like the kind found here on Earth, inside each and every one of us—no, this is a black goo. It’s a distinctly Luciferean substance. So in the scene above, […]

J. Law and Illuminati Melody

Once in so ever, this here blog is trendy, if not downright trending upon trendy waters. So, a movie called Hunger Games: Part II came out a million years ago, and if you recall from our first installment, the sequel once again features this leitmotif de résistance. After whistling this birdy little melody (with perfect […]


Spring has sung, and the birds are back. And not just the songbirds either, but naughty little fuckbirds1 too. Black-Capped-Fuckadees that go fuck-a-dee-dee-dee2. Songless Woodfuckers3 who can only drum out their love. Bluefucks and yellow-tailed whippoorfucks. Perhaps they are speaking the divine dirty ‘language of the birds’. Or just letting their harmonic throats do the […]

Never Jam After Midnight

Once in an eternity, a mogwai comes along with a voice of silver and a heart of gold. Most of his kind are shady Chinese spirits, who suffer midnightly cravings, and a bad case of aquaphilia. They certainly can’t whistle Dixie and play little keyboards in key. Fully acculturated, Gizmo sings a C# Major folk […]

Goonie Tunes

Sadly, there are no Cyndi Lauper widgets to be found here, although her syncopated breath and synth-drums carried many scenes of The Goonies (1985). Nor will David Grusin’s film score be featured, other then his false notation for One-Eyed Willie’s bone organ. No, this here has little to do with traditional music, for the most […]