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Archive of posts tagged bad movies

Melodic Meme Laughs

In Training Day, Denzel Washington laughs melodically in the same key as the Florida Seminoles War Chant. I can see why they gave him the Oscar for his role. Was he provided the root like Tom Cruise in Top Gun in order to have a pitch-perfect production? Or does Uncle Denzel always laugh in such […]

Supa Hot Elmo’s Fire

The 1985 movie theme song “St. Elmo’s Fire”, originally written about paralympian Rick Hansen, was retooled in 2012 as “Tim Tebow’s Fire” dedicated to Christian quarterback Tim Tebow. It’s kinda like when Elton John’s lyricist retooled “Pizza in the Wind” to become the hit we all know “Candle in the Wind” and then Sir Elton […]

Ronnie Melodies

In 1986, Eddie Money had a hit with “Take Me Home Tonight”. The chorus of the song borrows a melody from The Ronettes ’60s classic “Be My Baby”. Click on the score to play/stop, just like Ronnie sang. The song is in the key of Db Major, but Ronnie Spector sings her old line over […]

Little Mermaid Melody

In The Little Mermaid, Ariel trades her voice for legs. The sea witch Ursula performs an occult ritual under the sea (typical for Disney films) and forces Ariel to sing the song below, her voice growing ever more reverberated as it leaves her mouth. Click on each phrase to listen from that point on; click […]

Alrighty Then

The “Alrighty Then” plain chant in F Minor from Ace Ventura 2: When Nature Calls. Click below to listen. This is a good movie and I like the melody. I like how it’s in F Minor and not E Minor or something stupid like that. Enjoy the scene below and be transported back to the […]

Ewok melodies

The Ewoks get a lot of shit for being toy bait teddy bears that sold out Star Wars™ to the baser taste of children, but I never had a problem with them. Unblinking bastards that only served to disnify the original trilogy—but those guys are ok with me. Maybe that’s because I was just a […]


It’s Halloween and that means it’s time for minor chords. Aeolian and Melodic. Hungarian and Harmonic. Chromatic like a carnival. October is the month of minor pop odes like “Thriller”, a mostly Dorian groove, and the reverse picardy choruses of the mostly Mixolydian “Ghostbusters”. Speaking of which, all the classic Halloween themes come from movies. […]