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The Heart Shuffle ♥

The Human Heart is our natural metronome. It kicks like a bass drum anywhere from 60-80 beats per minute. In Italian, this tempo is called larghetto. It is no coincidence that the moderate rock tempo (120 bpm) — the cut-time of our heartbeat — is the standard tempo for Pop Music. The pitch of our […]

Toney Toney Tone

Every single musical tone is a chord that contains a scale. The secret scale inside every tone is called the Harmonic Series. The Harmonic Series begins with the Fundamental, in this case the C. This is the tone that you hear as pitch. If you strike this tone on a piano, the rest of the […]

Close Encounters of the Major Third Kind

Edit 1-7-14: Video of this Blog “Up a Whole Tone, down a Major Third, down an Octave, up a Perfect Fifth.” In “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, grey aliens play these 5 Tones on their mothership’s synthesizer. Hollywood composer John Williams wrote the lick, and fashioned it after the 5 letter word “Hello”. Two […]

The Oldest Song

This cover of the Oldest Song was sequenced using triangle waves, casio drum kits, synth voxes, a toy Chinese piano, and some wind samples. It was originally a hymn written for two voices, maybe a lyre too. This cover is more akin to the original alien’s version, that lost some of its fi, when imparted […]