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Musical cryptograms

Musical cryptograms are words spelled using the 7 note names: A-B-C-D-E-F-G. For instance, you can spell the word “FACADE”, meaning the front of a building.

Another longer example is “BAGGAGE”, meaning a number of bags.

Baroque composer J.S. Bach, often spelled his name out in a musical motif. (In German notation, B is denoted by an “H”.)

A very popular cryptogram for teaching notation, is the “FACE” chord.

A Face Chord is known as an F Major 7th. Major Sevenths are the chord of love. Below, is a little song that uses “FACE”, and even explains itself to the listener, making it a fine example of a Meta-song.

Finally, you can play a “DEAD” melody.

“DEAD” is an incomplete D 9th chord. Below, is a “DEAD” song. The notes of the bass spell “DEAD”.

The upcoming Los Doggies album uses a plethora of cryptograms.

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