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Two Birds, One Song

In a recent post, we covered the song of two chickadees. Now that we’re deep into summer weather, the chickadee’s song has raised to a fevered pitch.

The first of my backyard birds whistles a high C, while a second bird answers a semitone below. Together the two birds create an unintentional song in the key of A Harmonic Minor.

Drag over the noteheads and chords to listen.

A very sad fee-bee indeed.

Of course, they’re not singing for each other, or even for a mate—everyone sings the song of themselves, for no one.

The previous chickadee Lydian pattern from earlier in the summer has provided the inspiration for a new Los Doggies song, “At Song–Two–Birds”. You can listen to an acoustic version on the recent WDST performance.

Los Doggies live on WDST