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C Power Chord

Do you know this sound? The sound of a swelling C power chord? Click on the score below.

This is the chord of the wolfmother network. This is the chord born of noise.

That’s actually an HBO chord. The H stands for “home” and nothing spells home like a C chord. From a flood of white noise comes a harmonious root and fifth. Ordo ab chao. The television poltergeist gives way to a choir of angels and men. The chord is played so low it has to be written in bass clef. And everyone hates bass clef. It’s the clef that never gets laid.

You know HBO — that softcore porn network your parents watch. It’s got that highly enjoyable Luciferean show your grandparents make out to. But this isn’t shilling for Big Media, just big chords — C power chords that almost sound major and are not, but do lie.

Anyway, in my day HBO had a really cool aerobics anthem and it could only be viewed on a snowy CRT. There weren’t all these hogwart witches with holly-wood wands casting spells into the night. Instead we’d fade out gently on dead air in the small hours after a little landline tiquing and orgies.