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Well, Tracy had gone to work, but at the same time he had also written three lines to a song.

Lost song from Tracy's Tiger by William Saroyan

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Here’s Thomas Tracy’s song from Tracy’s Tiger by William Saroyan, published in 1951. It’s a wide-interval diddy in C major so I thought it would sound nice on a glockenspiel.

Tracy's song

Try it at home: E C B C E B E F G

However, Tracy didn’t think too fondly of it:

The three lines of Tracy’s turned out to be as so many other things turn out to be, dirt. The song faded away, the very scrap of paper on which Tracy had so carefully written the words were lost, the melody was forgotten.

Well, I like it. I want to make a pop song out of it with intervals sung wide. It’s got the major third lead-in like the bell song and the door bell, but it jumps an octave down to a low C. It would make an interesting vocal melody.

I think music is too small; we need to widen it up a bit with big intervals.