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Musical Cryptography

Composers love to sign their own names in musical cryptograms, because they’re super lonely. Bach signed his name in German notation: B♭, A, C, B♮(H), and this melody can be found throughout his work, just in case you forgot whose fugue you were listening to. Below I have created a cryptogram of my own name. Can you guess me? Typically, only the relevant note letters are used. Here’s another hint: E-flat is often used for the letter “S.”

Go ahead. Rumple my still skin!

(Flip your computer screen for the answer)

˙S u∀ʌƎ ɹoɟ(S ‘∀ ‘Ǝ=) ʇɐlɟ-Ǝ ‘∀ ‘Ǝ

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