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Delilah is love; Delilah is life. She helped me through my divorce. She talked me down from my suicide. And each time she spins the perfect song. But the best songs in life are the ones you don’t need to request; they’re played like bells on the top of the hour. Click on the score below to hear the Delilah radio bumper.

This particular bumper is in B-flat Major with tertial harmonies, although Delilah comes in many flavors, and often in D as per her namesake. In whatever key, it’s a delightful melody sung in harmony by man and woman. Was this the way Delilah’s parents called out to her baby ears?

I’m not sure if Delilah is a fictional entity, or if like Casey Kasem she’s been in radio limbo for years, not quite alive nor dead but rather in some thanatoid state. Of course, ghosts are known to possess radio waves, and radio hosts being disembodied voices are essentially ghosts themselves, though it is said that video, a poltergeist, once killed the radio ghost, but I digress.

Did you know that Delilah has adopted 13 kids so far; would she consider adopting Los Doggies in her quest to right the Biblical betrayal? We’re three good Christian boys in a Christian rock band. I know we can’t write a song in her honor quite like The Plain White T’s, but we’ll do our best. Her delectable name is on the lips of all creatures. It is too delicious to speak; it must be sung as God intended—by a man and a woman in concert B-flat.