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Electronic Heart Sounds

The EKG’s got the high B! Click on the score to loop/stop.

When you’re hooked up to an electrocardiogram, your heart beats evenly at 60 bpm. It doesn’t shuffle like the biological lub-dub of your heart sound; this is electronic music which doesn’t ever shuffle.

As long as you keep the beat, you’re alive. However, when you flatline, The Great Conductor places a fermata on top of your scoresheet.

You can now return to the Wellspring of Consciousness. Heaven awaits, locked away and forgotten behind your mind. Recalling the joke of your life, you can now see that death was the punchline. So you laugh at yourself, floating high above the firmament in your ascended form, and take one last glance around the Earth before returning home in a blue beam of light. It is now okay for the nurses to unplug the EKG and silence the incessant beeping.