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Hot Pocket

“Hot Pocket” is a jingle in the key of F Major and features this tasty little hook.

Major third, second, tonic—just like hot cross buns.
It’s always impressive how much ground a 30-second jingle can cover. “Hot Pocket” runs through 3 choruses, changes key up a whole tone to G Major, and is super catchy even though I don’t even like hot pockets, am morally opposed to hot pockets. It’s no “Theme From Malibu Barbie”, but we’ll check that out at a later time. For now, check out “Hot Pocket” below. Listen for the little trill at the stop just before the hook. Listen for the background singer shouting the melody. Listen…


F               Eb               Bb                          F
When you wanna have meal but not a big deal
Bb                         F         C       F
Whaddya gonna pick? Hot Pocket!