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Holy Roman Melodies

Welcome new friends.

This is now a Christian music blog, even though the Devil hast the best tunes. This blog has converted to Christianity, so no more tritones or synthetic scales. And no more Rock ‘n’ Rolla either. From now on, it’s all potato chip potato chip up in here.1

Behold and hearken the sacred song of the Roman Catholic Church!

From the Liber Usualis2, a book of thousands of chants for the Mass and Divine Office, the above chant is sung antiphonally. Each phrase follows the interval of a Minor Third from the Root to the Sixth. The Latin lyrics translate to: “The Lord be with you / And with thy spirit.”

It bears some resemblance to the plainsong of birds—a small common interval in call-and-response. Perhaps this is where the Church came up with it. I don’t know; I’m not really religious. It also sounds like the child’s call “Olly Olly Oxen Free”.

I have no idea how popular the Minor Third chant is, but this seems to be the one that gets parodied a lot and it’s the one I always think of.

God bless you reader, and God bless this blog.
Ora Pro Nobis


[1] “The Potato Chip Song”
[2] Liber Usualis