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The Train in Spain Falls Majorly on the Fade

Trains are in major keys, just like cars. The rhythms of the railroad helped shape Jazz and Rock music, like the shuffle of the human heart and the swung gait of a walking horse, major trains in 4/4 paved the way for the dominance of drumming in all music (after a brief buoyant classical period), where even songs without drums would somehow have drums, even Nemocore, even everything, and the ‘riddim’ as the Rastas know it, would mean everything to every song.

The Train Chord below is Major, as are all Train Chords, because of the Harmonic Series, the secret scale inside every tone that is itself a Major Chord.

For realistic railroad rhythms, rev the wheels up with multiple drags over the tracks. When the crescendos crisscross, drag onto the noteheads and let the cursor settle momentarily, then drag it off onto the staves or notationless Byss for a short rest. Finally, let the cursor settle on the noteheads till the doppler shifts.

>B Major 6th (1st Inversion)

This is the AirChime K5LA. One dissonant motherfucker. K Series. 5 horn bells. Low-manifold mount. American Factory tuning. Tuned to the Grid.Tuned to the Earth. The K5LA is a B Major 6th pentachord (D#, F#, G#, B, D#), but because of the inverted voicing, it can also sound like a G# Minor 7 (2nd Inversion), the B’s relative minor key. Yet due to the American city’s natural electric emphasis of the B-tone, the train chord will sound major from space.